Grain Bins

Standard Equipment and Features:

  • Outside sandblasted prep, two part epoxy primer + two part urethane top coat
  • 35 Degree Roof and 40 Degree Hopper Cone
  • Ladder with safety grip step
  • Rack and Pinion bottom gate with adjustable hand crank
  • Vented Roof Lid
  • Adjustable rack & pinion slide gate assembly. Includes adjustable leg/slide gate handle
  • Clearance from Slidegate to ground: 32 3/8” with skid, 28” with no base
  • A patented aeration design that no other bin manufacturer can match in efficiency of air flow
  • The ability to add more fans to the bin without any modifications and again this cannot be offered by any other bin on the market.
  • Strong 6″ x 6″ legs
Legend Fertilizer BinsSize (Bushels)Minimum Auger LengthBin HeightImperial TonsMetric Tonnes
Legend 1615 Fertilizer33235129' 2"119108
Legend 1620 Fertilizer41186134' 2"150136
Legend 1625 Fertilizer49737139' 2"181165
Legend 1630 Fertilizer58288144' 2"213193
Legend 1820 Fertilizer53246135' 9"194176
Legend 1825 Fertilizer64057140' 9"234212
Legend 1830 Fertilizer74888145' 9"273247
***Tonnage based on 62lbs./cu.ft - Sizes & Volumes Approx.

As of Dec 1, 2022, Legend Bins has been acquired by Concept Industries LTD.

Please reach out directly to the Concept team for your hopper bin needs.


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