Aeration Packages

The Next Generation Rocket

  • Smooth louvered surface allows for cleaner unloading
  • New reduced weight, re-designed side legs and internal support rings provide greater structural strength, up to
  • 125% greater than the classic rocket
  • Improved design results in increased vertical loading up to 30′ in grain height
  • 3 Leg design for better stability in the bin
  • Extended legs reach up to top reinforcing rings (3/4 up Rocket length) to provide a much stronger structure and increased stability
Grain Guard Next Generation Aeration Tube

  • Available in 18” and 24” diameters
  • For conditioning and cooling grain. The new design includes laser-cut internal rings providing
  • Increased strength, as well as downward facing louvers that provide improved clean out.
  • These aeration tubes are removable for the storage of fertilizer
Aeration Packages
Patent Pending Legend 360 Aeration - Includes 24” Fan Transition
Grain Guard 18" GG9000 8' Tube Air - 5000bu
Grain Guard 24" GG10000 8' Tube Air - 6500bu
Grain Guard 24" GG10000 10' Tube Air - 6500bu
Grain Guard 7000 Next Gen Aeration - 4' - 3500bu
Grain Guard 7000 Next Gen Aeration - 6' - 5000bu
Grain Guard 7000 Next Gen Aeration - 8' - 6000bu
Grain Guard 8000 Next Gen Aeration - 4' - 7000bu

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