Legend Air System

A Unique Air System

Legend Bins feature a unique aeration system built into the structure of the bin to distribute air like no other.

When storing grain, producers know the importance of evenly distributed air to ensure the proper cooling or aerating of their product.

The green ring, along with cover-plates and main cone sheets create a triangular Duct that evenly distributes the air around the bin perimeter, before air enters the bin.

Each bin comes with two air intake holes, so an additional transition and fan can be mounted to a later point, or fan position changed.

More than two ports are available as option.

After the air is distributed around the bin, it enters the bin thru several holes (hidden under red channels).

(One blue cover removed for clarity.)
NOTE FOR FERTILIZER BINS: Duct shown in blue not present, cover plates shown in red are Stainless steel.

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As of Dec 1, 2022, Legend Bins has been acquired by Concept Industries LTD.

Please reach out directly to the Concept team for your hopper bin needs.

Email: Sales@conceptbins.com

Call: 1-204-325-6960

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